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Leader in the manufacture and saleof equipment filling lines


Warrantee and post-warrantee service of machines and equipment

We offer a 12 month warrantee on all the equipment we manufacture. Terms and conditions are the same as offer by all the major machinery manufacturers worldwide.

Servicing of other manufacturers equipment

(Repairs of machines and adaptations of entrusted machines)

We service equipment made by other manufacturers. We repair and upgrade the Customers machines for new requirements.

Rebuilt machines are covered by the same warrantee offered by the original manufacturer.

Spare parts

We offer spare parts for all machines sold by us. In addition, we maintain this parts in our inventory.

Among them, are: filling valves, grippers, turning heads and all wearing parts such as: sealings, slides, guides of bottles and the like.

We offer complete subassemblies giving the customer availability to make quick repairs.

We supply quality replacement parts for the food and beverage packaging industry. Can and bottlers packers around the world using packaging equipment from Crown Cork & Seal, Meyers, H&K and Simionazzi.